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Vista aérea del bosque

Who are we?

We are a private company dedicated to environmental consultation, professional advice and monitoring in engineering, development and planning projects of the mining, hydrocarbon, energy, food production and agriculture sectors.


The conservation of the environment, the sustainable use of natural resources and the satisfaction of our clients are our priorities when achieving the objectives.


We are characterized by having a multidisciplinary staff within the social, environmental, fishing, mining, energy, scientific, biological, agricultural and industrial fields. Our experience and trajectory has allowed us to participate in projects in a wide range of sectors, always promoting socio-environmental responsibility and considering the development of future generations.



Preparation of IGAs (EIA, DIA; ITS, execution of environmental monitoring, biological monitoring, physical chemical monitoring (air, soil, water).

We have a wide range of environmental monitoring equipment, always at the forefront of technology and in perfect operating condition, which is why our client portfolio is made up of the largest and most prestigious environmental laboratories in the country.

TEA has created the area of environmental supervision with a preventive approach in the face of possible inspections by national and international environmental entities and/or institutions.

TEA has created the management area for the formalization of small-scale mining with a preventive approach to possible inspections by national and international environmental entities and/or institutions.

“At TEA we aspire to achieve a balance in the management of air, soil and water, knowing that the assurance of these elements is the basis for eradicating poverty, a goal that involves us.”


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At TEA we aspire to achieve balance in the participation of women in environmental management, that is our purpose.




For all kinds of questions, comments and concerns; please call us: 997-567-154 or complete the form below

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Main office

Calle Jara y Ureta 479 Int. 2,

Santiago de Surco.

Phone:  997567154 | (01) 746-7069


To apply for a job at TEA, send your CV and letter of recommendation to:

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