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At TEA we aspire to achieve balance in the participation of women in environmental management, that is our proposal.


For this reason, at TEA we have adopted actions that reduce the gap between men and women in the sector in which we carry out our activity.


TEA presents, TEA MUJER, a private initiative that develops tools to achieve economic independence for women, encourage their professional development and guarantee safe spaces for them and their dependents.


· Our selection process prioritizes incorporating women into our staff both in office work and in the field, granting, at the time of profile qualification, a higher score to women from communities in which TEA will influence.


· As part of the workshops that take place on environmental matters, we have included the workshop that raises awareness regarding violence against women, in addition to workshops that allow identifying and developing talent among women in the area, in various specialisms.


· As part of the tenth anniversary of our company, we have institutionalized the "Líderes Ambientales del Perú" contest, to recognize the efforts of leaders who encourage community environmental management practices in the whole country.


· We appeal that in the medium term we can count, in all our interventions, on multidisciplinary teams proportionally constituted between men and women in which respect, efficiency and the values ​​of TEA are a hallmark of good corporate behavior.

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