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About us

TECHNOLOGY & ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT, founded in 2012 and now established after 10 years in the market as a private company dedicated to environmental consulting, advice and monitoring for engineering, development and planning projects in the mining, hydrocarbon, energy, food production and agriculture sectors.

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TEA is recognized as an organisation that is a leader in the solution of social and environmental problems through environmental consulting and advice, to achieve comprehensive and balanced management of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable.


The sustainable management of the environment, the strengthening of trust through the implementation of practices that make each of the projects transparent.

At TEA we contribute to the conservation of natural resources and for this purpose we involve women as a fundamental part of the management of strategic development projects, that allow us to bring well-being to all citizens.

Visión y Misión


Trabajando juntos en el proyecto


We are committed to the country's challenges, involved in the challenges with its citizens, primarily with women and, through them, with their families.

Ingenieros en el trabajo

Transparency, Honesty and Honesty

In the development of our acts, in the handling of information and in dealing with our clients, collaborators, suppliers, authorities and the community.

Equipo de negocios amigable


We support our work in the creation of teams where mutual trust, horizontal communication and individual and personal development is the goal to achieve.

Fondo de neón de moda


We continually seek innovation in both administrative and operational processes, which help us achieve the
differentiation in the service we provide.

Management team

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